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where the beauty of dance and the spirit of sport unite

After the summer's pause, where I has been on rest and reflect on many things after the past IDF World Championship. In the first I'd like to give a big thank Lithuanian's organizers for perfect organizations, location, in second step I'd like to give a big thanks all IDF Staff who worked perfectly without late and in sinergy with organizer, has permitted to have a perfect competition ended as programs prevision. Naturally we can do better, or better, we have to do better yet!! As you know it's my policy. 

I'm glad to announce, finally, this year we will organize annual IDF General Meeting face to face.

IDF General Meeting will be held in Pula on 14th - 15th (if necesary) October 2023. The location will be Hotel Pula Sisplac ul. 31- Pola (HR).

I can also almost sure the twenty-second (22nd) IDF world Championship will be held in Pula (HR) from 22th to 26th May 2024. We have just to complete some formalities but, sure, from 16th October we will officialize the choose.

I hope together each one of you, to be able to do IDF grow up yet!!

I thake the chance to inform you, thanks to big work of IDF Technical Committee together Restricted Technical committee, we will have new rules from next IDF World Championship. I provided to remove all old rules and I think, within the 20th October, to put on the web page all new rules.

I hope to meet in Pula with all National Presidents and to meet trainer, Judges, Competition Directors and Dancers during 22nd IDF World Championship in Modern Dance Sport.

IDF President Mr Leandro Senesi

IDF General Meeting Program

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