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after three years and two online World Championships we have managed, not without some difficulties, to return to the World Cup "face to face".
After the renounce of Spain communicated on December 24th 2021, for a moment we had the bad feeling that it might have been impossible for the third year to organize the World Championship "face to face.
Then in January, thanks to the General Secretary Mr. Robert Ban, we saw an opportunity and we started working to make the organization of the XX IDF World Championship possible, starting from where we left off: Croatia.
We weren't expecting large numbers as the pandemic that hit all Nations has severely tested the survival of individual clubs and unfortunately led, for many of them, to their closure.
We were aware of the diversity of restrictive laws that, for each Nation, were different.
In some it was possible to organize competitions, even with all the necessary precautions, much earlier, while others Nations were unable to organize anything throughout the pandemic period. In any case, in January 2022, after an online meeting of Directive Council, we decided to organize and, albeit with a lot of effort and difficulty, we started our organizing machine.
Then, on February 24th, we received the terrible news of the outbreak of the war between Russia and Ukraine. Sincerely concerned about the situation, the Directive Council met again as with the situation that had arisen, we had great doubts whether to go on or not.
After an online meeting, we decided to take the risk and move on with the project. In the end we believe we were right to continue because, despite not having the numbers of the last World Championships, we managed to have 907 dancers from 10 countries who demonstrated together with their Presidents, trainers and parents the desire to start again, the desire to return to normality, the desire to say "No to war".
In the four days of competition they offered us performances and shows of the highest level, a level that no one would have believed before the World Championship.
As the Directive Council, we believe that the overall balance has been positive even though we know very well that there are many things that we must improve before the 2023 World Championship. We must never believe we are at the top as there is always another step to overcome.
For next year we have Lithuania that had applied during the GM of Marina d’Or (E) in December 2019.
After the President's travel, Mr Leandro Senesi, in Palanga (LT) to verify if there were the conditions (Hotels, Structures, connectings extc.) and after the Directive Council's online meeting where the President related all conditions, we are glad to inform all our Affiliated Nations the XXI IDF World Championship of Sports Dance will be held in Palanga (LT) from May 24th to May 28th 2023.
Finally we want to thank all the dancers and parents first as without their commitment all this would not have been possible, then the Competition Directors and the Judges who with their commitment and professionalism have contributed significantly to the success of the World Cup, therefore the staff who worked hard to organize a scenography worthy of a World Championship, to the organizer for availability and to all the race secretariat who, while working in the shadows, made sure that after the problems and delays of the first day they solved everything making sure that the other days the races ended even earlier, with daily results of the various competitions usable as soon as the last race of the day closed and with the diplomas already printed and ready for the awards.  
Really thanking you all with the heart we wish you a beautiful summer and see you next year!!

IDF President
Mr Leandro Senesi