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Well done!! Also the second part of the IDF World Championship online has held and I'm proud of the results we have had in the first IDF World Championship online 2020 (march 2021), in the first part of IDF World Championship online 2021 (June 2021) and in the second part of IDF World Championship 2021 (September 2021). in three edicions we have had almost 1300 choreographies and 1500 dancers, I think, a big and important result for a Competition online, surely due to the engagement of each President to advertise and the importance who transmitted to his dance schools and for the big organization of the IDF Staff and over it the professionality of Mrs Alicia Lopez. Through her organization, Fit Kid Spain, permitted the broadcast online with professionality and accuarity in each dectail. Thank you to all Judges and Competitions Directors Mrs Agata Maj and Mrs Tatjiana Ban  with professionality and engage, through the IDF program for management of the competition, could vote from their home without problems. About it I have to give a big thank to the IT co-ordinator Mr Stefano Vichi through his program who has designed, programmed and managed, made it possible it. Thank you to all Presidents teachers, coaches for the engage, and as the last but first as importance, a big thank to all dancers who have made possible and make it possible the life of our organization and give their contribute, important contribute,  to make possible the growth of the IDF Family.
Thanks to the Idf Vice Presidents Mrs Agata Maj, Mr Gladysh Oleksandr, Mr Bartolo Dell'Aiera for their support and professionality, Mr bartolo Dell'aiera also as Judges Co-ordinator. Thank you to the General Secretaries Mr Robert Ban and Mrs Katalin Kovacs.
I really hope this pandemic situation ended and to can meet everybody of you next year for IDF World Championship 2022 live.
IDF President
Mr Leandro Senesi