• Leandro Senesi

Mission Spain 2020

Passion. Ambition. Commitment. Resilience. Teamwork. Excellence. Positive Energy. Pride. Team 🇪🇸 are getting ready. Are you? Preparations towards IDF WDC Spain 2020 are well under way. Show us how hard you’re training. #idfdance #dance #dancers https://youtu.be/QYRwtFrTQQ4

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Mission Spain 2020

The countdown of the IDF World Championship 2020 has started... 119 days and we will meet for the most important event of the life of IDF. We wait for you!!!!

International Dance Federation - IDF

Address: Gregovica, 24 52100 Pula (HR)

Nr. Registration: 18003388 

C.F.: 93274862268

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