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Dear All,

Following a video conference with Fitkid Spain, organisers of the IDF World Dance Championship 2020, as well as discussions with both the IDF General Secretaries and IDF Vice Presidents, we would like to take this opportunity to inform you, Presidents, managers, coaches, teachers and dancers of national dance organisations, about our current position and decision regarding COVID-19 pandemia and its impact on our activity.

We understand that in the view of the latest crisis you are deeply concerned about both health and well-being of all parties within your national organisations, with main focus on all dancers and their parents. We also share such concern as the situation we’re dealing with is serious, unprecedented and unknown to all.

Given the fact that the pandemia has not yet been stopped, quite contrarily the situation around the world is very dynamic and the virus continues to spread, we feel obliged to take action regarding our upcoming event.

We have not taken this decision lightly, and we have analysed various other options, including staging the event in either September or October this year, however following recent events – most dance schools being shut, borders being closed and international connections being cancelled we were forced to decide on a more drastic option, otherwise we would risk another last minute cancellation. Unfortunately, if current forecasts are confirmed, the situation is not predicted to improve until at least June.

We believe we have taken the best decision out of the available options and we trust you would agree. It is now crucial we all join forces and efforts in order to continue to work towards our new target: IDF World Championship Spain 2021. It is important we stay united in our dance, a dance that currently seems a bit sad. However, we are confident that together we will overcome all the obstacles, we will soon create a much happier choreography and we will all succeed in joining in and dancing it happily together in 2021!

A hug to all of you and a lot of strength! Stay safe and healthy. See you next year

Best regards,

IDF President

Mr Leandro Senesi

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