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Please note that there might be some modifications introduced to the competition programme.  

It is reminded that all dancers wishing to participate in the World Championship are obliged to book a minimum of three nights of accommodation (Hotels, Flats, Campings, Hostels) via the official event organiser.


MAY 24th 2023

From 3.00 pm

Opening Ceremony

From 5.00 pm

Disco Slow - Dance Pop - Latin Caribbean Show - Belly dance Classic - Belly Dance Folk - Belly Dance Show - Techno

MAY 26th 2023

FROM 9:00 am

Fatntasy Show - Dance Show Jazz & Classical Ballet - Dance Show Contemporary & Modern Dance - Disco Freestyle -  Hip Hop

MAY 25th 2023

From 9:00 am

Dance Show Contemporary & Moden Dance - Dance Show Jazz & Classical Ballet -  Fit Kid - Disco Dance 

MAY 27h 2023

From 9:00 am

Fantasy Show - Dance Show Contemporary & Modern Dance  - Hip Hop - House - Street Dance Show - Musical - Premium National Team

MAY 28th 2023

From 9:00 am

Free Dance Category - Jazz Funk -

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