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22nd -26th MAY 2024

After IDF World Championships organizations 2019 and after COVID on 2022, Croatia will be the organizer of 22nd IDF World Championship in Modern Dance Sport 2024. The IDF President, Mr Leandro Senesi, together the organizer, Mr Robert Ban, on the past March visited, viewed and evaluated various locations and their choose was the town of Albona on the east coast of Croatia. Sport Palace was very nice and it was perfect for our necessity. Hotels and touristic village, togheter, were wonderful and so, after a meeting informal with the Director it seemed almost sure to organize there. Unfortunately the organizer after IDF World Championship in Palanga, went to meet the Director to decide prices but the Director didn't found an agreement with organizer. So, in July organizer contacted me and after the explainations, he proposed to me, as alternative, to organize in Pula. NAturally i gave him authorization from the moment we know very well Pula, Sport Palace and also the Hotels.
So, also this year we will be in Pula!!
we will wait for you from 22nd to 26th May 2024!!!

IDF President

Mr Leandro Senesi

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