IDF General Meeting 2023 will be held online on 8th - 9th October 2022.  After last World Championship IDF demostrated to be the same of always, with more determination to go on together all our Nations. It's very important in this difficult moment, to be united.

                                                                   Saturday 8th October
                                                             10:00am (Rome Time Zone)

The IDF General Meeting
(to be attended by the IDF member countries 2021/22 – National Delegates with voting right)

•    Registration on-line
•    Welcome
•    IDF Balance Sheet 2021
•    Membership 2021 – Member Countries and Technical Cards Report
•    New membership requests update
•    IDF President’s Report
•    IDF World Dance Championship 2022 Report
•    Competition Calendar 2022/23
•    IDF World Championship 2023 Palanga (LT)
•    Future World / European Championship Requests
•    Future Ranking Competitions Requests
•    Social Media Report
•    Technical Committee Report
•    Judges Co-ordinator’s Report
•    National Members’ Proposals
•    AOB (any other business)

Sunday October 9th
                                                                            9:30 am (Rome Time Zone)

•    General Meeting to be continued (if necessary) or to be closed on Saturday 9th October at dinner time.

                                                                                      IDF President
                                                                                    Leandro Senesi