The next IDF General Meeting 2021 will be held in Hungary from 9 to 11 October 2020, from the moment the 19 IDF World Championship will be held in Pécs - Hungary, from 2th to 6th June 2021. Together the President of Hungarian Federationas we have yet to decide  in which town will be held (Budapest ofr Pécs). As you already know during IDF General Meeting  2020, who has been held in Spain on the past December, has been decided to move IDF General Meeting from the firsts days of December as each year ahs been, to the second week-end of October.

So, from this year and for the furture years, the IDF General Meeting will be held always in the second week-end of October
    Next general meeting will be very important because we will do a balance of these last four years. Many things have changed and together, we have tryied to change our image. I think we have been able to do it but in same time, I think, many things must be do to grow up yet. Four years are already passed and so, this year, we have to decide the gouvernment of the next four years. We must in fact to vote for the new Directive Council. Then an important appointment, crucial for the IDF life.

IDF President

Mr Leandro Senesi

International Dance Federation

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