IDF General Meeting 2021 has been held online on 5th December 2020, from the moment who was not possible to organize in other way in the cause of Pandemic situation. The choiche to move IDF General Meeting from October to December has due to the change of Head Office. From this GM the IDF Head Office will be in Pula (HR). It was a suffering decision, but essential for the IDF life. Nothing was change: IDF is the same of always, with more determination to go on will all our Nations. It's very important in this difficult moment, to be united and to overcome this time and to come back as soon as possible, to our normal activities: International competitions in first place because our dancers need to participate to International competitions to confront with other reality. It's essential for them!!  
I'd like to thank everyone for the trust you gave me for the next four years as IDF President. I tryied to change many things on the past four years and I hope to be able to change many other things. It will be my primary engagement, to try to do it . Naturally to do it, I need of the support and the help of each one of you.
I wish this pandemic situation will be closed on next year and after the middle of 2021 we can organize the first International competitions.
We have to believe of it!! From next year and for the furture years, the IDF General Meeting will be held in the second week-end of October and I hope to be able to shake your hands as in the past.
                                                                                      IDF President
                                                                                  Mr Leandro Senesi